Quail Creek Classic
Pickleball Tournament April 1-2, 2017

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Quail Creek Pickleball

Enjoy playing at a premier Southern Arizona facility


A Tournament for All Skill Levels

Men's, Women's and Mixed Doubles 2.0-2.5, 3.0 and 3.5

2017 Tournament Results

Women's 2.5

Gold - Ardean Nickerson and Debbie Downes 

Silver - Janet Brown and Barbara Havel

Bronze - Linda Bishop and Rhonda Porter

Women's 3.0

Gold - Judy Brown and Susie Eckhardt

Silver - Kathleen Baker and Pam Reichard

Bronze - Jean Roske and Barb Giesen

Men's 2.5

Gold - Bob Forsyth and Ron Wilhelmi

Silver - Ed Zimmerman and Ben Haranin

Bronze - Erwin Stolz and Robert Mezzone

Men's 3.0

Gold - Mark Dresang and Ron Olivares

Silver - Gary Kasper and Andrew Reyniak

Bronze - Gary Lincicome and Gary Reid

Men's 3.5

Gold - Michael Petrillo and John Steen

Silver - Lenny Friedman and Bill Vollink

Bronze - Jeff Morrison and Jim Malone

2017 Tournament Results

Mixed Doubles 2.5

Gold - Debbie Downes and Gary Quantz

Silver - Georgine Thomas and David Thomas

Bronze - Susie Eckhardt and Andy Eckhardt

Mixed Doubles 3.0

Gold - Luci Paz and Ernie Paz II

Silver -Louise Henry and Terry Henry

Bronze - Ann Witman and Mark Dresang

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold - Linda Barclay and Carl Tuttle

Silver - Sally Grasso and Gary Grasso

Bronze - Sharon Frank and Mark Conner